Unique Weddings

Here are some top ideas to make your wedding a standout celebration.

A Luxurious Reception Lounge

Give guests a place to mingle between dance breaks by creating a lounge area at your reception. Fill the space with couches or chairs and plenty of pillows to sink into. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone in on the party even when they’re resting. Really want to wow? Close off the area with curtains to create a VIP vibe.


You may already be planning to have your ushers escort guests to their ceremony seats, but consider having reception ushers. These “live escort cards” walk guests to their tables for an upscale restaurant experience. Ask your reception venue or caterer if its waiting staff can do this double duty, or assign a few ushers to the job.

Guest Transportation

If you’re planning on shuttling your guests from the ceremony to the reception, make the journey part of the fun by renting some seriously cool mass transportation. Take wedding transportation to new heights with a hot air balloon ride. Or, if it’ll suit your wedding style, get nostalgic with some charming buses. And for extra flair, customize the ride by playing fun music or decking out the wedding bus with a sign that reads, “Wedding Guests”

Pre ceremony cocktails

Your guests won’t be expecting any drinks until the reception, so give them a pleasant surprise by setting up a table of light beverages on the way into the ceremony. Just don’t serve anything too strong — think: mimosas or fruit-infused iced teas they can sip before taking their seats (and don’t forget to have non-alcoholic versions too!). Have your caterer or ushers collect any stray glasses to make sure the space is tidy before the processional begins.

Welcome Bags

Make your guests feel like VIPs with welcome bags that go beyond a map and a few snacks. Stuff personalized tote bags with mini bottles of bubbly or a six-pack of a local microbrew, a gift certificate to your favourite local coffee shop and an individual “Welcome!” note from you.

Make your guests feel like VIPs with welcome bags that go beyond a map and a few snacks. Stuff personalized tote bags with mini bottles of bubbly or a six-pack of a local microbrew, a gift certificate to your favourite local coffee shop and an individual “Welcome!” note from you.

Wedding favours

Keep your guests comfortable all day by thinking ahead. Out of town guests will appreciate a custom scented soap so they don’t have to rely on the standard hotel samples. Planning on dancing until the next morning? Put out baskets of flip-flops (in your wedding colours, of course) so guests can take their shoes off. Having an outdoor reception that might get breezy? Make sure guests keep warm by offering up some cosy pashminas. And for a summer outdoor ceremony in the afternoon, provide a station with spray-on sunscreen and a stack of inexpensive sunglasses.

Convenient Child Care

Hire a babysitter (or two) and set her up in a room so your youngest guests have a place to go when they tire out. If it’s possible, pick a room near your reception location so parents can stop by to check in on and then return to the party easily. Stock the room with snacks, games and a portable DVD player to keep them entertained, and make sure there’s a soft sofa and blankets for those inevitable naps.

First Dance Confetti Drop

Your first dance will be one of the highlights of your wedding, so add this extra-special touch to up the entertainment factor (and make for some serious photo ops!). If your song is slow and romantic, have fresh flower petals instead of confetti dropped from the ceiling. Your rental company and florist can work together to make this happen — and don’t forget to make sure the reception waiting staff will be standing by to clean up.

Show stopping ceremony exit.

If you play it right, your ceremony exit will be one of the most heavily photographed moments of your wedding — so forget the rose petals and birdseed. Jazz up your exit by passing out small bags of colorful confetti, paper airplanes, mini beach balls, or even lavender buds for everyone to toss your way. Even better: Stage your own mini parade by passing out parasols and noisemakers for your guests to escort you to your getaway car.

Fairytale Weddings

When it comes to romance, beauty and timeless charm, Disney has it all sewn up. Everyone has a favourite Disney character or story, and even if you’re not the biggest Disney fan, it’s hard not to be bewitched by the escapism of Disney’s larger-than-life fairy tales.

In celebration of Disney’s enduring sparkle, be inspired by four of the most famous — and best loved — Disney princesses. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a Disney themed wedding, or you’d just like a touch of Disney magic on your big day, check out these four very special Disney princess mood boards.

Eternally Elsa

Frozen is a modern classic, loved by millions across the globe. Perhaps you’re such a big fan of the film that you’ll be playing “Let It Go” as you walk down the aisle…or maybe you just want to incorporate some of Elsa’s signature sky blue into your wedding styling. With her side plait and ice cool beauty, Elsa is a stunning Disney icon — and a few touches of Frozen magic will make your wedding day spellbinding.

Charming Cinderella

Cinderella is perhaps the most popular princess to inspire a wedding day. Her fairy-tale revolves around love and marriage — and a beautiful girl’s search for Prince Charming. Now you’ve found “the one”, you could celebrate your own love story by taking a leaf out of Cinders’ book: go for full-on glamour with a huge ball gown, sparkling headdress, sensational underwear, a horse drawn carriage, glitzy reception décor and — of course — a beautiful pair of glass slippers.

Seductive Snow White

Snow White is a dark fairy-tale complete with a wicked witch, a poisoned apple and a glass casket where Snow White sleeps until she is woken from her slumber by a handsome prince. If you’re using this story as your inspiration, forget the seven dwarves and concentrate on the enigmatic beauty of this Disney classic. Opt for dramatic make-up, a crimson dress, blood red roses against bright white icing, linen and candles, and a classic red and white colour palette. If you’re a raven haired beauty with a mysterious side, Snow White is definitely the princess to inspire you.

Rocking Rapunzel

In the 2010 Disney movie Tangled, Rapunzel appeared as a feisty, independent and spirited princess with a bubbly personality — as well as magic golden hair. If you want to blend timeless Disney romance with a contemporary edge, use Rapunzel as your role model. Look for a boho-inspired gown, 70s-style headband, pops of purple in your colour scheme and – in keeping with Rapunzel tradition – a castle with a tower for your reception.

Disney Weddings

There are plenty of subtle ways you can incorporate Disney into your wedding day – whether it’s choosing Disney-inspired wedding readings, Disney love songs as your walking-in and walking-out music, or the most romantic Disney quotes weaved into your wedding speech at the reception.

Here are some of the most romantic wedding readings from Disney to use on your wedding day…


“And at last I see the light,

And it’s like the fog has lifted,

And at last I see the light,

And it’s like the sky is new,

And it’s warm and real and bright,

And the world has somehow shifted,

All at once everything looks different,

Now that I see you…”

The Incredibles

“You are my greatest adventure.”

Monsters Inc.

“I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you.”

Beauty and the Beast

“Tale as old as time,

True as it can be,

Barely even friends,

Then somebody bends,



“So this is love,

So this is love, Mmmmmm,

So this is love,

So this is what makes life divine,

I’m all aglow, Mmmmmm,

And now I know,

The key to all heaven is mine,

My heart has wings, Mmmmmm,

And I can fly,

I’ll touch every star in the sky,

So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of,

So this is love…”


“‘Cause you’ll be in my heart,

Yes, you’ll be in my heart,

From this day on,

Now and forever more,

You’ll be in my heart,

No matter what they say,

You’ll be here in my heart,


Alice in Wonderland

“You’re mad, bonkers, off your head!

But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are…”

Winnie the Pooh

“Any day spent with you is my favourite day. So, today is my new favourite day.”

The Princess and the Frog

“You’re the best thing I never knew I needed,

So when you were here I had no idea,

You’re the best thing I never knew I needed,

So now it’s so clear I need you here always…”


Wedding and festival season

Here’s our quick guide, to create a Glastonbury festival themed celebration for your own big day. It’s ideal for laid-back couples who favour fun and characterful touches over outdated traditions.

Plan a Glastonbury festival themed wedding and it won’t just look great, it’ll be the most fun wedding your guests have ever attended! So book your tipi and let’s get planning…

One of the beauties of throwing a Glastonbury festival themed wedding in a tipi or yurt is that you get lots of ceiling height for hanging decorations. Cluster colourful pom poms together for a fun, festival vibe. Then, add atmosphere as night falls with endless strings of festoon lights, both inside the tent and outdoors too…

Illuminated oversized letters are a trend that took the wedding world by storm and never really let up. They’re also big news at festivals, so we think purchasing some giant letters for your own Glastonbury festival themed wedding is a must! For a twist on the theme, you could always try letter balloons, or go pint-sized with a letter block guest book.

One of the most important elements of any Glastonbury festival themed wedding reception is the wedding entertainment. Make sure guests are clued up on all the food and festivities to come with an illuminated chalkboard. This line-up of fish and chips followed by fireworks and dancing has us tempted…


Wedding themes

By giving your wedding a theme, you will make your wedding day personal and unique to you. To help you plan your own big-day theme, we’ve created a handy tips that should help you along the way.

Don’t just follow a fashion. If you both love music then why not choose that as your wedding theme inspiration? You can have invitations that reflect the type of music you love, you can have a live band playing at your reception and you could even take a turn at the microphone yourselves.

Or if you’re both city people and are planning a metropolitan big day then use that as part of your theme. Maybe have a city landscape on your invitations and hold your reception in a funky loft-style venue. You just need to really think about what expresses the two of you as a couple and take it from there.

If you’re having a music-themed wedding then you could burn a CD of your favourite music and put a copy at every place setting. Try not to give favours that are completely random and have nothing to do with your wedding theme, think about what will fit in. They don’t need to cost much money, but they should be relevant.

If you’re having a country garden wedding theme, then maybe have your wedding in a marquee or a barn. A function room in a hotel won’t have quite the effect you’re looking for, so shop around for something that fits.

Try not to do these things: Brides often fall into the trap of thinking they need a theme AND a colour scheme. One or the other will be fine, but both can make the reception a bit of a shambles, with lots of extra work for you.

If you’re having a vintage theme, then don’t insist that everybody dresses in vintage-style clothes. The fact that they have made the effort and have almost certainly spent money to attend your wedding should be enough to ask of your guests. If they want to dress up and follow the theme then that’s fine – but don’t insist upon it.

Finally, you don’t have to have a theme if you don’t want to, it’s all up to you! It’s your day and you should do it your way.


The roaring 20’s

The Roaring 20s are a big one. This decade is full of Big Band Jazz, Art Deco visuals, and intricately adorned ensembles. Here are some ideas for your 1920’s Wedding theme:

  • For a 1920s theme, a classic palette of black, white and gold is easy to achieve and truly timeless and elegant. For the bride, we love the look of a trumpet-style gown.
  • Bridesmaids can be styled in simple LBDs with the addition of headpieces or fascinators, and the groomsmen will look dashing in classic black tuxedos.
  • Champagne towers are making a comeback, especially in Roaring 20s-inspired celebrations. We adore the look of sophisticated black and white striped linens.
  • For brides preferring something a little more colourful, jewel tones are the way to go! Think of the rich shades of a peacock feather for inspiration.
  • ​With vintage ​wedding cars you can show up in style and use this classic as a prop in your wedding photos.
  • ​For wedding entertainment, try a unique performer like a Charlie Chaplin impersonator. With a comedic 20s era presence, Charlie can make your guests feel like they’ve travelled to a time of satire and silent films.
  • ​For your wedding photos, ask your wedding photographer about vintage overlay options for development. Your big day will be captured with a nostalgic 1920s look.

We wish you a happy marriage and roaring celebration!


A seaside wedding

Many absolutely adore heading to the seaside as a relaxing day out away from the troubles of modern life. Be it diving head first into the waves or sprawling out on your towel, it’s fair to say that we as a nation love going to the beach – we even spend money to sit on the sand abroad – but have you ever considered a seaside themed wedding?

You can’t actually get married on the beach in the UK without jumping through a few hoops. As such, it might be better to merely theme your wedding around the seaside instead, opting to exchange vows at a cliff-side stately home. Sure, you’ll have views of the coast but it might not be as seaside-y as you first imagined.

Acoustic Band

An acoustic band is perfect for the beach because let’s face it, electronics and water don’t really mix. Or rather, they do mix a little too well and that is very dangerous for all concerned. A summer party down on the sand after your wedding ceremony might just be the order of the day and with this in mind, hiring an acoustic band is a no brainer. They can stroll around with your wedding guests and everybody can have a marvellous time!


A close harmony made up of 2 accomplished vocalists, you’ll enjoy harmonies. Taking their inspiration from Katherine Jenkins, Il Divo, Sarah Brightman and All Angels, they combine each of their influences to create a unique and beautiful act. A Classical/Crossover duo with a difference, will be a wonderful choice for your seaside wedding you won’t find a better act to have your guests swaying in the sun!

Ice Cream Van

What’s a trip to the seaside without an ice cream? No trip to the beach is complete without a Mr. Whippy with 99 flake or a few scoops in a cone and your wedding is the perfect timing to hand one out to everybody! With the sun beaming on your wedding day and the sea breeze cooling everybody down, an ice cream will surely make a welcome change from the bottles of fizz doing the rounds!


Hen Party tips

The Hen party is one of the events surrounding your wedding that you may be anticipating but not know too much about- which is why we are pointing you in the right direction that will help you, your friends, and your family know what to do when it comes time to plan your Hen party.

1. Don’t be afraid to offer a few suggestions.

Both you and your groom have already built up a rapport with a team of vendors you can’t wait to work with on your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to share their names. Although your best ladies might have ideas of their own, offering the contact information of the pros you love will cut their research time down to a minimum. Also, if you’ve been dreaming of a specific Hen party theme, make it known and share your Pinterest board. Lastly, make sure to share the names and contact information of the ladies that must be included on the guest list. Then step back and let the others do the planning.

2. Decide if the Hen party is a surprise.

Traditionally, Hen parties were always a surprise; however, there are times when a surprise just isn’t in the cards. If the bride does not like surprises, fill her in on the bare minimum specifics – date, time, location, and a hint about what to wear. If none of these points sound like your situation, then surprise away! Whatever you opt to do, make sure to decide early on.

3. Contact a photographer.

Although the number of pros you opt to work with for a Hen may be far less than a wedding, a professional photographer is simply a must. And their calendars fill up quickly! Personal recommendations, chatting with the bride, and taking a peek at the guest lists are all great places to start in order to find a photographer. Let the hosts and guests enjoy the party rather than worrying about capturing every moment from behind a lens.

4. Choose your venues, theme, menus, and time.

One point influences the other, which is why they are often a package deal. Some of the most popular venues are country clubs, wine bars, restaurants, and private homes (gardens are a wonderful option!). If you are thinking about hosting the Hen party at a country club or restaurant, know that you’ll be working off of their menu options. A home allows you to completely customize everything from the colours and décor to the menu and length of the event. In terms of menus and times, plan your Hen party for brunch or lunch and have a length of at least four hours in mind.

5. Know your DIY limits.

Taking on a few projects as a group, such as décor design, wedding menu planning and preparing, creating escort or place cards, or creating an event timeline (writing down the key moments that must happen during the shower and when will help you immensely) is completely fine. But, don’t feel as though you have to tackle every project without a professional. Know your limits whether that’s in regards to time, comfort, or creativity, and consult with a pro if you no longer feel comfortable or confident.

6. Games or no games.

Hen parties are known for their games, but sometimes they might not feel completely organic to the event you have in mind. Playing your own version of the newlywed game complete with the bride or groom answering fun questions about their relationship on video and guests voicing their guesses tends to be a great option. Another plan – create a ribbon bouquet for the bride to use at her rehearsal as a group. Leaving the games to a minimum will allow all of the guests, including the bride, to relax and mingle instead. Plus, it leaves more room in the event timeline in case lunch or opening gifts takes more time than you had initially intended.

7. Invitations!

Similar to a planning a wedding, plan to mail your invitations at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the party, if many guests are traveling in from out of town, send the invites earlier to allow everyone time to make arrangements. Make sure to include all of the basics on your invitations – time, date, location, and what to wear.

8. Event lead up & day of…

If you hired professionals, make sure to confirm all of your plans and provide any additional details at least two weeks in advance. Attempt to complete DIY projects several days, if not a week, in advance (obviously, this excludes wedding food and wedding flowers). Know your rainy day plan – whether that’s moving to a marquee or moving indoors, make your decision at least two days prior to the Hen party. Finally, allow more time than you initially thought necessary to set in terms of events, there’s no such thing as too much setup time. Finishing early just means you have time for a another glass of champagne.


Purchase the very best

Your wedding dress

You’ve all heard horror stories from brides who chose to risk buying their wedding dress from an online seller. Many brides who have been let down by an internet supplier, receiving a dress in a condition not at all as described or how they’d pictured.

Every bride deserves the one-on-one attention they will receive visiting a bridal store. It’s the most important item of clothing you’ll ever buy: make a day of it – make a week of it! It’s an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Your perfect venue

Finding the perfect venue is like finding the perfect pair of shoes: they should fit beautifully straight away!

Just as influential as the dress, your venue will say a lot about the type of wedding you are having. Not only is it the backdrop for your wedding photos – the pictures you’ll cherish for a whole lifetime – but the venue also acts as a prompt for your guests: it sets the scene and will give them a hint of the day to come.

When searching for wedding venues, couples often comment that ‘the one’ hit them like a thunderbolt. It fitted their theme perfectly; it accommodated all of their guests; the grounds were stunning and it ticked all the right boxes. Don’t be tempted to compromise on the wedding venue. It will add to that sense of ‘specialness’ by marking your big day out as something unique and memorable. It’s the venue that helps to set apart a wedding from a run-of-the-mill party.

Gastronomical delights

If Jamie, Marco and Gordon are all unexpectedly unavailable, never fear – there are some delicious taste-bud treats out there!

Hugely important, the wedding food for your big day will play a big part of your guest’s opinions about your wedding. Hungry or dissatisfied guests are a big no-no. Treat your guests to a gastronomical delight. And it doesn’t have to be super fancy, either – bangers and mash is always a winner – just make sure that there will be enough for everyone.


A USA Wedding theme

With an American themed wedding, you don’t want to just ‘have a go’, you want it to be full of all things Americana because let’s be honest, our friends across the Atlantic aren’t exactly the most subtle bunch of people on earth. No, they love a celebration and they love their country! No matter whether you’re looking to host a wedding with an American theme because you and your partner met in New York or perhaps one of you is American or because you just love the country, this is the ultimate guide to holding an American themed wedding with the finest US entertainment around.

An all american wedding band

If you’re looking to hire wedding entertainment then we know for a fact that you’ll be wanting to hire a band or two. The thing about the US is that it has so many genres so if you’re looking for common requests like Motown or soul.

Cheerleaders/Dance Performance

You can imagine it already, can’t you? If you met over a mutual love of cheerleading or want as good a reference as you can to the American High School system, then cheerleaders are a must.

Hot Dog/Candy Floss/Snow Cone Trikes

An American themed wedding will be nothing without an appropriate decoration of your wedding venue. We’ll leave the actual nuts and bolts of design your space to the professionals. You might want a Hot Dog, Candy Floss or even a Snow Cone trike. There are many more to hire, just let your imagination run riot!!