The evening Wedding reception

The evening reception can be so important as this is when everybody comes together to really celebrate your wedding. This is the moment where you can bring in your wider group of friends who maybe haven’t been part of the day as a whole, work colleagues, family members who are maybe more on the periphery, and really throw a party to remember!


Now there are many reasons why you would want to do this at your wedding. Of course it’s going to be a lot of fun for you and your guests and is a great way to end the night. However, one of the overlooked aspects of this is the importance of really making your mark and having that incredible defining moment for everyone to witness!

Live Music

Having a big party at the end of the night is a great statement and will really imprint a memory for your guests so they will never forget you or your celebration. To get the party started there are many styles of entertainment you can look at depending on what atmosphere you want to create. At the very least there has to be music of some kind! Whether that’s via a professional DJ, a jazz band, a party band… there needs to be something there that people can enjoy listening and dancing to.

Children’s Entertainment

Further to this, if you know that there will be plenty of children at the evening reception it can be a good idea to have something in the early part of the night to keep them entertained. Whether this is a face painter, a balloon modeller or something along those lines, it can be really helpful to have some children’s entertainment so your guests can mingle and chat amongst themselves. After all, there may be a few who haven’t seen each other in a while and could do with a good catch up!

Break The Ice

On the other hand, there may be guests who have never met each other before and it can be really helpful to hire some kind of wedding entertainment that will help break the ice and set the tone for a great party as the night goes on. Entertainers such as magicians and caricaturists can be really useful for this as they create a buzz. They get a small crowd involved and watching that gets people laughing together and helps them get acquainted.


When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Anyone who has been involved in the planning of any wedding will know that for a wedding to go 100% to plan is unheard of. Entertainment is perfect for covering up any cracks or mishaps throughout the day that you might not expect. Minor hiccups that could have initially been a big deal are all of a sudden completely brushed off and forgotten about once everyone is smiling and having fun.

Remember, when viewing your venue option, ask the wedding planner if there is a curfew for loud music or entertainment. You’ll find that quite a lot of venues have this in place, particularly hotels with other guests. If the curfew is ten o’clock and you always imagined you’d be partying through the night, perhaps find another venue that will be able to accommodate late celebrations. If all else goes wrong, you’ll want the party to be a success.

We hope you take this advice on board when you are in the first stages of picking your venue. Remember, if you are completely set on a form of entertainment, you need to make sure it’s doable before you finalise your venue! If you’re still looking for ideas for your event, we have plenty to browse through on Red Masque.


Now if we’re talking about displacing stress on your wedding day, it’s about time that we mentioned the hero that we all need and deserve. Toastmasters. They will ensure a smooth and efficient running of your day, coordinating all elements of the day. This way you can relax entirely, knowing that your big day is in the safest of hands.

So it seems after all that it is possible to have a stress-free wedding. We wish you all the best of luck and remember to relax and take some time to enjoy your big day.


Getting the music mix right

We all know that when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding, music plays an important part. But if you really want to personalise the soundtrack to your big day, why not consider a completely bespoke musical experience? Here are our top tips for creating bespoke wedding music that wows!

A string quartet playing Bohemian Rhapsody, for example sounds awesome. The traditional wedding march on electric guitar? Seriously cool. You can even see if your musicians will mix up their dress code and typical band setting – we once had a band who loosened their ties and set down their instruments before crowd surfing over guests!

Singing waiters may seem a bit cheesy to some, but they’re still great fun. Or you could try something similar – one of my favourite wedding gigs involved recreating the scene from the film Love Actually where the musicians sit amongst the congregation in the church and stand up as each instrumental section joins the wedding march.

When it comes to wedding entertainment, the sky’s the limit. Depending on your tastes you can choose from heavy metal, bandeoke (karaoke with a live band), reggaeoke (karaoke with a live reggae band), an opera performance, or even Burlesque dancers and fire eaters. Just decide on what’s going to make the day special for you and reflect your tastes, and go for it!

Combining Reggae with Charleston makes for a lot of fun, for example. Or mixing world music styles such as Sega and Mauritian traditional music. Speak to your band to see what’s possible. Depending on the preferences of you and your better half, don’t choose between them;combine them and make something totally unique to your personalities.


Harmony singers

There is something so beautiful about close harmony  that they were hugely popular during the 1940s and 1950s and we are working on bringing them back to the forefront of entertainment. But how to choose the right harmony group for you? Well,  here’s a few excellent options below, and we’ve also thrown in a string quartet too..


Eden are an internationally renowned close harmony trio. Featuring superb choreography as well as stunning voices, the ladies perform a splendid repertoire of vintage classics from the 1930s and 40s as well as a few new tunes and original songs on occasion. Able to perform with a backing band and the group of choice, this superb close harmony trio are sure to impress at your wedding.

Manor House Music

Manor House Music consists of some of the UK’s finest wedding musicians, having performed for over 700 weddings, corporate events and private functions as a string quartet and string duo. We combine a high quality of musical performance with a large repertoire of dynamic arrangements and a desire to work closely with clients to ensure that every detail is just right for your event.

Berkeley Trio

Taking their inspiration from a host of genres including jazz, blues, swing, They pride themselves on their personal service from your initial enquiry to the day itself. Thy can advise on music for the ceremony if necessary and accompany a singer or your hymns. We can also entertain in most settings, inside or out.

They have various images that suit the formality of the occasion. We take care to liaise with staff at your wedding venue to ensure a superb presentation.

Nero String Quartet

The Nero String Quartet is one of the most sought after quartets in the UK and has been established for 13 years performing at over a thousand weddings and functions. They have also worked with professional orchestras (BBC Phil, BBC CO, BBC NOW, WNO, RTE, RLPO, Ulster, Northern Ballet Sinfonia) and have performed on luxury cruise ships including P&O, Fred Olsen, Saga and Cunard. In addition to their classical work, members of the quartet have also performed on TV, Film and Pop recordings, most recently performing on GMTV, Don’t Tell the Bride and Four Weddings.


Fail safe weddings

It’s natural to stress over all aspects of planning a wedding but if you follow these basic wedding event planning rules, you’ll be a brilliant event planner in no time! So whether it’s your first time booking entertainment or you’re an old hand, here are a few tips that it’s always worth remembering.

Budget Wisely

Decide on a budget far in advance of when you sit down to allocate the funds to each part of your wedding. Entertainment can be pricey, but shrewd event planners are the ones who do not waver from their initial costings and ensure that they are getting a good deal. Musicians in particular vary widely in price but rest assured we at Red Masque only advertise the very best acts who have excellent reviews.

Give Yourself Some Time

People like to plan early so don’t leave it until the last minute before booking the wedding entertainment for your event. Some of the most popular acts are already being requested by planners for weddings late in 2019, so don’t delay if there’s a piece of wedding entertainment you just have to have! It’s better to book sooner rather than later as this also gives time to deal with any possible song requests or dealing with venue difficulties like sound limiters.

Make a List of Entertainment Ideas

This may seem like a no-brainer but always make a list of wedding entertainment ideas you have in mind for your wedding so that you don’t get side-tracked when looking at all the other entertainment which is out there!

Get the latest exciting acts.

One of the most important things about planning a wedding that you need to know what is available on the market. After making your list of wedding entertainment ideas, it’s now time to look out for any other acts the people seem to be excited about and consider the date as well. Make sure you get the latest exciting wedding entertainment act.

Think About Everything Else

Once you’ve booked the wedding entertainment, it’s time to focus on other things. Planning a wedding is all about juggling tasks and assigning time to each of them. Once your entertainment is booked, start thinking about how to improve your wedding venue by picking a nice theme. Then onto the catering and flowers. It feels like it’s never ending but it doesn’t have to be. So book your entertainment early and then allow yourself some time to think about everything else.


Create the ambiance of a Royal Wedding

If you loved the Royal Wedding and you would love to have all of the music and create the same ambiance (without the Queen of course) then why not replicate some of the music and musicians at your Wedding.  There are plenty of wedding entertainment musicians that would cater for you.

Wedding Singers.

Kicking off proceedings at the Royal Wedding was Elin Manahan Thomas, who sang Handel’s Eternal Source of Light Divine accompanied by a full orchestra. If an array of musicians is in your budget then go ahead, though we expect that most couples would be very happy booking a soprano and having her sing to a backing track.

Gospel Choir

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a choir and it’s fair to say that the whole world was impressed by the aptly named Kingdom Choir as they performed Ben E King’s Stand By Me at the Royal Wedding. You could book your very own Gospel Choir at your Wedding to sing a song that means so much to you both..


Sheku Kanneh-Mason wowed the guests at the Royal Wedding as he performed three pieces by Faure, Schubert and Maria Theresia von Paradis respectively. His impact on proceedings has been so great that in the days hence, his classical album is currently at number one on the US iTunes pop charts. Talented cellists would be a great addition to your Wedding, making it as Royal as it can be.

So if this has got you all excited about planning a Royal(esque) Wedding, we hope it goes smoothly (but maybe forget the long speeches from the Pastor!!!)


Do you really need wedding entertainment?

When your grandparents got married, they probably didn’t have too much in the way of wedding entertainment. In fact, 50 or so years ago, most weddings took place in the morning, followed by the wedding breakfast and then, after the speeches and cake, the bride and groom would leave to go off on their honeymoon – probably in the mid to late afternoon So in fact, their actual wedding day was really quite short.

Nowadays the trend is to make much more of a deal of the whole event.  It’s not unusual to be invited to a ceremony taking place in the late morning or early afternoon, followed by a drinks reception and canapés, a wedding breakfast, the speeches and cake cutting.

Then there’s a short break – maybe some afternoon tea and the arrival of the evening guests when the whole event restarts with probably another drinks reception and dancing. That could be a whole 10 hours of keeping guests happy from the moment they arrive at the church until they leave around midnight.

So what are you going to do with them? How can you make sure your guests feel entertained, happy and engaged throughout the day rather than looking at their watch and wondering when they can politely leave?

Look up entertainment in the dictionary and it says ‘the act of providing amusement or enjoyment’. Which is to say that entertaining your guests isn’t just a matter of providing conjurers, magicians, musicians and photo booths – it’s making sure that they have a great time at your wedding.


First off, make sure you don’t let your guests get hungry or thirsty. If you’re having a late morning wedding and evening dancing then you’re going to have to feed your guests twice over. Or if you’re having an early afternoon wedding followed by an evening event, then you can’t expect your guests to wait until dinner time to eat.

If all this is beyond your budget then you’re going to have to rethink the timetable of your day –  maybe get married mid-afternoon, serve a delicious afternoon tea and then dinner in the evening. Or get married as late as possible and just have an evening affair. Serving your guests delicious food and drink is all a part being a good hostess and you don’t want to cut corners here.


That really depends on the structure of your day. You don’t have to have a string quartet or music playing during a drinks reception but it does create a party atmosphere. Music also fills in the gaps when you’re having your photographs taken or signing the register and can fill in any awkward silences that might occur.

Obviously if you’re having an evening event with dancing you’re going to have to have music – whether you opt for a DJ or a live band, or ideally both if your budget stretches. One thing we don’t recommend is that you create a playlist on your iPod, your wedding music is something you shouldn’t really DIY, it’s too much pressure.

Say Cheese..

Having a group photograph taken of your wedding day is another way that all guests can feel involved in your big day. Exercise your photographer’s creativity by arranging everybody in a giant love heart shape or the initials of the bride and groom. Gathering everybody together is a great icebreaker and a good way to get people talking to one another before dinner.

In fact, if you’re a good host and hostess you should make everybody feel part of your big day and not allow anybody to feel left out – that’s all part of entertaining.



A bit of a romance

A little romance goes a long way. The very best weddings manage to incorporate small elements of romance and elegance without going overboard and still remaining cool!

Your wedding entertainment is crucial in setting the mood for your day so what acts in particular should you be looking at this year to create that warm, fuzzy feeling at your wedding?

Rat Pack Singers

You can celebrate in effortless style with a Rat Pack Singers and Bands. There is something suave and special about this era of music that brings a touch of class to your wedding. The tempo of the tracks are perfect for dancing to and often have a really romantic and personal touch – without going overboard on cheese.

Fire Performers

Make a change to the traditional end of night fireworks and heat things up during the evenings with live fire performers. The flickering flames and amber glow of the fire is inviting to say the least and is something completely unexpected for your guests. Create special moments and surprises for a memorable night.

Gospel Choir

If you’ve seen romantic comedy ‘Love Actually’ then you will know the impact a choir can make on your wedding. The sound of a choir is magnificent during weddings, especially during the ceremony where their grand voices can carry beautifully throughout your wedding venue. If you are in a large venue or a church then the acoustics will be absolutely perfect for this!

Wedding Harpist

If you are unsure about the acoustics of your venue then you can still create a romantic atmosphere with a live musician such as a Harpist. A solo musician like this is beautiful, personal and elegant. Not only that but the harp is an amazing looking instrument within itself. It stands tall and is hard to miss as the talented performer serenades both you and your guests.


Enthralling snowflake ballerinas gliding across your dance floor with flawless choreography bring wonder and fascination from your guests. Live dancers are always unexpected at weddings and make for amazing photo opportunities. Top tip: Have them perform with you during your first dance to make the that moment even more romantic and memorable.


Surprise your guests

When it comes to weddings, there are many opportunities to surprise the bride and groom. Be it with gifts, a fun interactive game for the newlyweds to engage in during the wedding reception or the Best Man’s speech, each surprise is sure to delight and entertain those in attendance. But what about surprising the bride and groom with some wedding entertainment? Here are three brilliant options.

Singing Waiters

Perhaps the most famous of the surprise acts, since their arrival on the events scene over the past decade, Singing Waiters have been a hugely popular booking for weddings each and every year. Working as part of the catering staff throughout the wedding breakfast, Singing Waiters surprise every person in the room by breaking out into song at a pre-arranged time. Perhaps the bride and groom have a special song that would be perfect for the Singing Waiters treatment? Hugely fun, this is sure to stun the room.

Stand Up Opera

One for the couple who love a bit of musical theatre, Stand Up Opera is a comedy and music performance unlikely anything you’ve ever seen! The concept begins during the drinks reception, where two charismatic performs will mingle with other wedding guests. Later in the day, the duo take centre stage to commemorate the new Mr. & Mrs. but their witty chatter quickly turns into an impressive and unexpected performance with operatic and classical crossover duets. The perfect blend of laughter and spine-tingling music for your big day!

Breakdancing Waiters

For those who are familiar with flash mobs, Breakdancing Waiters shouldn’t be too hard to explain. For the uninitiated, a flashmob is when a group of people who appeared not to be linked suddenly break out in song and dance! If you book Breakdancing Waiters for your wedding, you’ll receive a troupe of performers who immerse themselves among the wait staff and then break out into a stunning dance routine that will shock everybody in the room. A tremendous alternative to Singing Waiters but just as enjoyable!


Book great entertainment

After your guests leave your wedding and have returned to their daily routine, they’ll remember two things about your special day: the interaction between you and your spouse-to-be, and the rockin’ band or DJ. Details like centrepieces, name cards, and dinner selections will trail far, far behind in the memory banks of your friends and family. That’s why you should look at all your options and carefully choose the most amazing wedding entertainment out there.

Tips for Booking the Best

When you’re searching for that perfect wedding entertainment, it’s important to do your homework. If you’ve never heard or seen their performance, you can do a little research to see what they offer. Reviews are always a great option as you can hear from some of their happy past clients. However, in some cases, reviews may not be available. If you’re interested in hiring a performer but you want to dig a little deeper to make sure they’re the perfect fit, then you should do the following:


  • View their website.
  • Look at their social profiles to see how they interact with fans and followers.
  • Have a contract with clear and precise terms.
  • If at all possible, go see a live performance.
  • Reach out to the entertainer to discuss their prior performance experience. They may be able to connect you with clients they’ve worked with for a referral.
  • Most importantly, you must trust and like who you are dealing with while negotiating the booking.


This is a very special day in your life, and like any milestone event, planning can get hectic. It’s wise to be prepared for last-minute hiccups and do everything you can to make sure the wedding entertainment is what you’ve always dreamed it would be.